Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pretty Sure We are Crazy!!!

Today we started the IVF process for the 3rd time. True we have only had 1 retrieval/transfer, but this is the 3rd time I have had to start the shots process.
The shots don't hurt yet, but I am well aware of the road I am headed down. So just be aware, if you see me wearing tent dresses, it is because waistbands and I don't get along.
The best part of this cycle is that we know how much medicine is too much (August 2009) and how much is not enough (November 2009) so this time it should much better.
It was funny this morning when Mike went to give me my shot. Although it didn't hurt even a little (thanks to a trick the nurse taught me, to flick the area before the shot to get it kinda numb), I got myself very worked up. It was silly really. After the shot (which was at 5am) it took me over an hour to get back to sleep. Hopefully my anxiety will go down in the weeks to come.
Thanks to everyone for your love and support in all this. You are all such a blessing in our lives.

Just a little fall...

Or so I thought. I was out to dinner with my lovely cousin at a very good establishment. In true graceful Nickie fashion, I fell. When I fell I managed to catch my side on the corner of their very hard counter. Mike was in New York, so I had to take pictures to make sure I didn't forget the experience I had. Lacey is very proud of my bruise. It hurt for a long time, but luckily it is gone now. Even 2+ months later the area is a little tender. Good thing I consider myself a tough cookie!!!

** Note the pictures below show the if you don't want to see don't scroll down :) **

Day 1

Day 2 (ish)
Day 3 (ish)
Day 4 (ish)

Day 5 (ish)

After that it began to die and turned a even more yucky black/yellow mix, and eventually all marks went away.