Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing Caly

She came to live with us on December 14th 2010.
She is the ultimate couch potato. She loves to sleep on the chairs and the couch. They are her territory, and if you want to sit there, you need her permission first.

This is how she sits part of the time. She doesn't like to get her bottom cold.

She has already made it through her first surgery. We had her 4 days when we had to take her in to get her "Cherry Eye" take care of. She is doing much better, now that she can see out of both eyes.
Mike has been working with her, and she likes to sit, stay, dance and play soccer. It is pretty cool. She is around 9 months old. She is very small for a bulldog. She is only about 37 pounds, and since we got her she has not gained much weight. She is loved by everyone around her.