Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well I made it back to Salt Lake City at 9:10 am on Thursday morning. I made it to the rehearsal no problem. The wedding was beautiful. I don't have any pictures yet, but as soon I get some I will be sure to post them. It was so much fun to see my brother get married, and then 2 days later see my brother-in-law give his mission farewell speech. Quinn did such a good job. He is going to be a very good missionary. He is going to the West Indies Mission, which is in the middle of the Caribbean. I am excited for tomorrow, when we get to take him to the MTC. It will be such an exciting time for his family. Now all boys will have served missions for the church.
I will say I will be glad to get back to work on Thursday. It has been a full schedule ever since North Carolina and I am ready to get back to just plain normal life. Guess we will see if just plain normal life ever exists again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Best Job Ever...Yeah Right

Many people tell me that I have a great job. I sit at a desk working 4 10 hr days, I have management that I am friends with, and I get to fly to exotic (including Phoenix) locations. Well to all of them I say BLAH!!! I was sent to Raleigh North Carolina (RDU) this week to do some work. Well, not only is it the first week in March, but it is also the week of my brother Nathan's wedding. His rehearsal dinner is tomorrow and the wedding is on Friday 3.6.9 (love the date, it is so numerically fun). Anyways, the rehearsal is tomorrow, and I am stuck here in Raleigh, with a broken plane and a flight attendant that will time out (not be able to fly due to workhour restrictions) if we do not take off soon. So, either I fly really late into Atlanta, and stay for 5 hours there, or they cancel the flight here, and I come back at 4am to fly out on a 520am flight to Atlanta, then finally to Salt Lake City. Oh what choices!!!
I am trying to find the humor in it, I promise I am, but if you know me you know that things like this stress me out. Of course it is only happening because I have something to get home to, because I have plans from the minute I get home all the way through next Wednesday. If you ever get stuck in the Raleigh airport flying Delta, the agents are super nice and super helpful. Just tell them you kow Nicole from SkyWest and if they know me, they may be extra super nice to you.
Jessie & Nate, I love you and promise I did not mean for this to happen. I will make it home by the rehersal...PROMISE