Monday, April 19, 2010

No those are not 4 random numbers. Those are actually the total number of tacos we have eaten on our last 4 trips to Del Taco's Taco Tuesday!!! Thank you Del Taco for becoming a staple to the Wagner family diet. So the 2009 break down is:
Every boy has an excuse for why they did not take the highest number of tacos. And as you can see they almost always come within 1 or 2 of each other. They just eat and eat and eat, even though they have no desire to place another 33 cent taco in their mouth. Michael is amazing at how he eats them. He takes the hard shell taco (easier on the stomach than the soft shell), breaks it in half, and eats each half like a woodchipper. Someday I will have to take video of it and post it. You won't understand or believe it unless you see it

Fortunately we have only had 1 case of throwing up, but there have been lots of bad outcomes!! Especially when you have a taco eating contest then the next day shove all those boys in a car and drive to Jackson Hole!! Sorry Grandma.

We do have alot of fun. And I can't wait to have a contest in 2010.

We all save all the wrappers and stack them up at the very end. The people that work at Del Taco think we are AWESOME!!!